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        Ladies, the days of having loose buns are officially over! This pomade will keep your stragglers down and your bun tight all day long! Let's be real... who doesn't like tight buns? The female pomade is the same strong hold formula we use in our male line; however, the scent has been changed to be as dreamy as that married staff NCO that likes all your pictures on Instagram.

        The Important Stuff: Our formula contains argan oil, which is high in antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins. In fact, it contains about 7x the amount of Omega-6 than jojoba! Argan oil is great for your hair and scalp. This formula has a strong hold that will last all day long. If your hair gets messed up throughout the day, just add a little water to reactivate the hold. It’s water soluble and easily washes out in the shower. All of our pomade scents are inspired by true stories.

        The Story: Coming soon...

        Scent Profile: Gun Bunny immediately opens up with top notes of "OMG, let's take a selfie!" Warm middle notes of Afghani scarfs accompanied by poor trigger discipline excite the olfaction and overwhelm the senses. The foundation of this scent, as with all Gun Bunnies, is silicone fumes from that $8,000 augmentation paid for by their premium Snapchat account. Civilian Translation: Sweet floral fragrance. Smooth, not pungent.

        Barney-Style Directions:
        1. Use your bean flickers to scoop up some pomade.
        2. Work the pomade between your palms.
        3. Apply pomade to damp parted hair.
        4. Brush the pomade through your hair and pull your hair into a ponytail.
        5. Apply pomade to damp ponytail and brush through.
        6. Twist ponytail into a tight bun and secure it with an authorized hairtie.
        7. Post pictures of your tight bun on social media and tag us!

        Note: We recommend towel dried hair. If your hair is too dry when you apply the pomade, brush through with a wet brush. Remember, the pomade is water-soluble; water will weaken and eventually wash away the hold.