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        In an industry littered with companies trying to be cool and old school, we thought it’d be a good idea to be the brand that just doesn’t give a fuck. From the beginning our goal was simple: make a great strong hold pomade that caters to us military and veteran folks. The pomade would not only have to be strong enough to hold a deadly combover in place while smoking Privates, it would also have to smell like pure badassery.
        Which brought us to the million-dollar question: “what does ‘pure badassery’ actually smell like?” Like my balls. Pure badassery smells like my sweaty ball sack after a 10-mile ruck! Unfortunately, our liability insurance won’t cover the injuries you would sustain from all the poon you’d get thrown at you with my-balls-scented hair. Instead, we chose to develop scents based on ridiculous stories we’ve experienced throughout our military careers. Every legendary scent is inspired by an unbelievably true story.

        As for developing the pomade itself, that took several months of research and development. We lost countless hours of sleep and our kitchen began to resemble a meth lab. We never have, nor ever will, test our products on animals; that's what dumb consenting Privates are for.
        Here at Combat Combover we don’t give two shits if you’re offended by our scents, language, or attitude. If you don’t like our content, get the fuck off our page. Drink water!