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        Comb your gorgeous locks, open a beer, and get a nut off all with one comb!

        Made of durable stainless steel, these baddies are designed to last a lifetime… which admittedly isn’t very long if you’re infantry or EOD… or depressed… but for the rest of us, they’ll last forever.*

        So many features:

        -One side has a giant gaping hole (like your mom) for you to finger and twirl around.

        -The bottle opener is specifically designed to open Coronas, but it also works on hard ciders for you pussies out there.

        -The weird looking design gap hole thingy on the other end is a nut remover that starts at size 10 and goes down from there. Why the fuck would you want a nut remover on your comb? No idea! But it’s there, and for the low price of $19.95 it could be yours!

        *logo is laser printed and may rub off over time.